Filipino Gift-remittance Startup Ayannah Gets $1M Angel Round

The Global Online Industries are rising exponentially and it will not be wrong to say that the customer base of Online Industries is going to cater a major portion of the population in the near future. The primary reason why many start-ups and already established firm in various sectors are gaining positive response is the large online user i.e. almost 3.5 billion worldwide  . One such company founded six years back is “Ayannah”. Ayannah is a digital financial gift-remittance company founded in 2010 by Mikko Perez. The company was launched as a startup in Philippines with the plans to enter South Asia and Latin America. Ayannah provides a great platform that allows payments of the products and services by the Filipinos who are working overseas for their families through Sendah site.  The services are mainly Sendah, Sendah Direct and Sendah Connect.

Sendah is a secure plain cash remittance service that provides a number of benefits for the vendors on the site that includes a number of discount deals which ensures the products to be cheaper online than off the shelf. The another service is  “Sendah Direct”, which is a reliable online service provider that offers customers to buy prepaid mobile topups, credits for gaming, and gift certificates along with benefits of money transfers amongst large retailers. This service has added 7000 retail partners with a million customers only in Philippines. The third service that has been launched recently is a mobile app for Android phones named “Sendah Connect” that allows SIP calls with an additional feature of archiving the video content on mobile phones. The payment is made through a prepaid online wallet service.

The company has just received $1 million in its first angel.  This round of $1 million was led by LA-based Siemer Ventures and Golden Gate Ventures, which has operations in Singapore and San-Francisco. Including this round, Ayannah has received $2.5 million to date.

According to data it employs only 45 staffs in Philippines and has about 50000 users, which is in itself a great achievement and it’s targeting 200 million Philippines working abroad. The company is also focused to expand its market to US, Japan and Singapore.

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